The Millionaire Guide On Blogs To Help You Get Rich

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If you are new to the blogging world and you want to find out how to make money from blogging this guide from Scott Alan Turner will teach you how to start a money making a blog just like he did.

Scott has been blogging for the past 1 and a half years and his monthly online income from his blog the last time he checked was at $40,560.20.

The best part about blogging is the cheap startup cost. You can compare it to spending for a cup of coffee once a month as your overhead expense.

Choose the Best Platform

In choosing a platform, you should go for the best blogging software in the world right now which is WordPress.

Bluehost also offers a package for as low as $2.95 a month for their hosting services for your WordPress blog.

You can also get a free domain ($15 value) if you avail of the 12-month plan.

You need to choose paid hosting services if you are serious about turning your blog into a money making machine.

Free services don’t allow you to add features that are available with paid hosting like:

  • ads
  • shopping carts
  • speed enhancements to improve user experience
  • free add-ons for site enhancement
  • access to thousands of free WordPress plugins that allow you to tailor your site based on your specific requirements

Don’t make the mistake of starting with a free service and once your blog business grows you will need to switch to a paid platform.

It’s inevitable for you to avail of the added options that paid services can provide that free services can not.

Why choose Bluehost?

  • 24/7 customer support via phone, chat or email.
  • Ease of starting your blog
  • Free blog domain name
  • 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days
  • Free and easy WordPress setup
  • 99.9% reliability of Bluehost hosted sites. Scott lost $5,000 in a day when GoDaddy was hacked and his blogsite was unavailable for a period of time.
  • Self hosted blogs are ideal for making money
  • Professional looking blogs and websites without any limitation to designs and upgrades

Make Money Through Affiliates

This is one way to monetize your blog with ease. It’s quite simple, your blog acts like a salesperson selling products.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is you have:

  • no inventory costs
  • no shipping
  • no overhead costs
  • no investment
  • no fees to join and get started

If you are skeptical, this business is 100% legit.

Amazon has the biggest affiliate program running worldwide.

All you need to do is put a link to Amazon from your blog. If a reader is interested in a certain product that you promote they can click on the link and get redirected to the Amazon site.

Once a purchase is made, Amazon will give an affiliate commission for the referral.

That’s how easy and simple it is. You can sign up for free and become an Amazon affiliate.

Earn up to 10% in commissions from your referral links. These links are what you place on your blog when you mention that you love a certain product that you have tried and tested.

You can either make a review about it or share your personal story.

There is no limit to the products that you can place affiliate links for. As long as it gives value to your readers then post it.

Write an Ebook

You can also make money blogging with eBooks. The great thing about eBooks is they are easy to make, and they can last forever.

Unlike printed copies that wear out, digital counterparts can last a lifetime.

You can write about topics that are timeless so that you don’t need to update them from time to time.

You can bundle your eBooks with other products and earn thousands of dollars.

Your eBook should be at least 40 pages or 5,000 words so that people will find value in it.

eBooks are usually delivered in PDF format. You can convert your Word document or Google Doc to PDF in seconds.

Hire a graphics artist to create an excellent cover for you. Expect to pay $5 to $299 for a professional artist.

Price your eBook based on the value you believe it gives your readers. If you have competitors, check on their prices.

If you are an expert in your field, you can charge more. As long as you have the experience and credibility to back you up, then this would be fine for your customers.

People don’t have problems paying for high-quality products that solve their problems.

Selling an eBook is as easy as getting a Paypal account and placing a Paypal button on your website.

There are also popular services like Gumroad and e-junkie that connects to your blog and allows you to sell digital products. Expect a small percent of each sale and a monthly service charge of $5 to $10 depending on the provider.

You can also turn your blog into an eBook. It would be convenient for readers to get your content in one handy tool. It would save them time digging for the information on your blog especially if you have posted much content already.


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